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What is Human Science?

  • Human Science is the study of human beings, by human beings, and for human beings.
  • It uses the perspectives, methods, and theories of the behavioral, biological, cognitive, economic, policy, and social sciences.
  • It uses human rationality to understand human irrationality, abstract reasoning to understand personal feelings, mathematics to understand emotions, and graphs to study social movements.
  • It deals with human life at many scales; from the individual person, to the family, the workplace, the society, the nation, the culture.
  • It deals with how individuals relate to themselves, to their own and other groups, and to their gods.
  • It deals with how individuals create and are created by history, the physical world, and culture.
  • It deals with the natural and the contrived, with the laws of physics, the laws of nations, and everything in between.
  • It deals with dysfunctional as well as successful social, organizational, and political systems.
  • Human Science is a dream, which, with help from you, will become a positive force for change.

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